DIY Repairing To Optimize The Performance Of Your Iron Driveway Gates

The right driveway gate can provide your family a huge amount of security, privacy and convenience. In comparison to other metals, wrought iron is more sturdy and durable. As the metal is hammered and forged, it is effective in protecting your property over a longer period of time. You also have option to choose from a wide range of traditional or automatic wrought iron driveway gate designs. Read more about driveway gates Portland OR

But the material of the gate will deteriorate due to regular wear and tear, and constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. So you also need to consider some simple options to maintain their look, feel and performance, along with choosing the right iron driveway gates. You can consider some simple maintenance and repair to regain the aesthetic appeal of your driveway gates.

Identify the Wear: Before deciding the types of repair required, you have to identify where the wear has occurred by examining the gate thoroughly. Normally, the wear occurs at some of the common places like hinges, as they are used to connect the gate to your wall or similar structure. Also, the rust might eat away metal at the pickets. You also need to check for the damage caused to the gates due to being hit by vehicles.

Remove the Damaged Components: You can always regain the original look and efficiency of the gate by removing its damaged and rusted sections. The damaged iron pickets can be cut away using a cutting torch. After removing the pickets, you must replace these with new ones. Similarly, the rusted hinges need to be cut off the gates, and replaced with new ones. You can even consider re-welding the pickets to the cross section.

Replace the Broken Hinges: The broken hinges must be removed by unfastening from the side structure. After removing the broken hinges, you must replace these with new hinges. The new hinges can simply be re-welded to the wrought iron gates. However, you must use a carpenter’s level to level the gate, while adjusting the screws, and bending the metal.

Fix the Pickets: The damaged pickets must be removed using a cutting torch. However, the new pickets may require adjustment to fit the correct length. You can cut the replacement pickets, before welding them into the original position. Similarly, the new welds may need to be filed down to fit the existing welds. If the pickets are bent, their position needs to be straightened using a dead-blow hammer.

Repaint the Gates: After replacing the rusted and damaged components, you have to rub the metal lightly using sandpaper. The rubbing will prepare the new metal for the paint job. Now you can apply paint primer to the repaired areas of the gate. Finally, the new surfaces can be repainted to blend seamlessly into the old finishing.

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