Information Systems Audit, Software Audit, and Information Technology Quality

If you are running a business, it is sure that your company needs for parallel control in all the sectors particularly those related to the information technology.
Below are a few simple questions which enable you to know the degree of the implementation of the IT quality in your systems.
* Your software respects the analysis?
The software audit inspects the software which you admit to automate a manual task. This makes it possible to know if the solutions offered come in conformity with the analysis of your needs; else, major problems might occur in the future following the implementation. The answer to such problems is then either to redo from the beginning or to find a compromise that adapts the existing system to the true business workflow and needs.
* You will have accurate, reliable and timely information?
The info technology audit tests the exactitude of the information. It makes sure of the obtained information towards its completeness, and its reaction time. Where accuracy shines, there is no place for doubt. Indeed, running your business using a software that you don’t trust is similar to having a snake in the pocket. You may ask how exactly to trust a software? I answer by two replies. First, it could be accredited by way of a neutral well-known third party; second, you may do the task of the third party yourself. Therefore, testing the complete chain of tasks and calculations before you start using the system is a lot cheaper than catching the error afterwards as well as not paying attention to it at all.
* The systems are available for business at all time?
The info technology quality imposes the capability of one’s information processing systems – computers, software, peripherals and networks – to use without any problem and non stop as long as your organization is operational. The option of your IT systems affects the option of your business. Therefore, if your systems go wrong for an hour, your organization will be slowed and even stopped for more than an hour, considering the rush that could occur during slowed period. Usually, difference in

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