The Legend of the SR KILLER

I had heard numerous a notice about the most loathed, most feared fellow in the exercise center yet I had not experienced him or his malicious courses in my numerous long periods of working out in numerous rec centers. I was persuaded his story was just a legend.


Today, as though I had discussed his name multiple times before the rec center’s frightful ass bathroom reflect HE APPEARED. (I had not, I swear!) An alarming encounter it was. He is known as: Visit – ตำนานน่ากลัว




After showing up at the exercise center, I strolled over to the main squat rack and I saw that it was involved by a man with earplugs with skulls on them. I presently couldn’t seem to find who this strange man was nor did I give it a second thought. Trusting, no-PRAYING that he was utilizing the squat rack for squats, jumps, or perhaps some weighty shrugs, I trusted that his clear rest period will end. As he got the bar, I accepted it would go up over his head and land on his shoulders, however to my aggregate and complete awfulness, it didn’t do true to form.


I ought to have seen the signs, the reasonable, clear signs: HE PICKED UP THE BAR WITH A SUPPINATED GRIP! Who gets the bar like that when they are going to put it on their shoulders and squat in the squat rack? WHO?!


In one movement he lifted the bar to the front of his shoulders while keeping his elbows some place close to his sides. To my express stun and consternation, I understood HE WAS DOING BICEP CURLS! All at once a dark feline stumbled into the weight room and an enormous, dull shadow with what had all the earmarks of being horns glided upward, embracing the divider, directly through the roof. At any rate I’m almost certain I saw that.


My exercise had not begun, yet I was perspiring. I dismissed rapidly before he saw me and made myself occupied with lower arm twists. I considered singing “la” however that would have been excessively self-evident. Same for whistling.


Beneficial thing the squat rack could unfortunately take a limited amount of a lot, since he completed without notice, without taking care of the bar, WITHOUT REMOVING THE FREAKING PLATES from the bar. Nothing unexpected there, for somebody as underhanded and savage as to do cracking bicep twists in the squat rack would unmistakably not have the mankind to tidy up after himself.


Talking about cleaning after oneself, (no, I didn’t poop my jeans however I was close) I was unable to utilize the transformed leg press while hanging tight for the squat rack since somebody neglected to clean their wad of sweat left on the headrest. It seemed as though somebody tossed a grapefruit at the headrest and it detonated, its citrusy juices running down. I’d be a keen man to wager a lot of cash that it was THE SQUAT RACK KILLER who likewise took out the rearranged leg press. Chronic executioners by definition don’t simply murder once.