Up And Over Garage Doors – Reliable And Secure

Up and over garage doors are an essential feature of your garage as this supplies vital security. Inside our garages we store our worldly goods, our expensive garden equipment and of course our cars and vans. There is a lot riding on the strength and security of the door. Read more about garage door repair Jupiter

Electric doors and standard outwardly opening doors are one option, however if you are on a budget then the up and over door is ideal, both for security and for times when door space is limited, both inside and outside the garage.

The beauty of the up and over type door is it can be nicely tucked away. The retractable door slides up and over into the head of the garage space, leaving plenty of room to keep your vehicle inside. It also makes it easier for you to work in the garage space as you don’t have to keep stooping all the time, ever fearful of banging your head.

You can even add an electric motor to this type of door to automate the process. This is ideal for rainy days, as you can just press the remote from inside your warm vehicle and “hey presto”, the door opens.

What Types Of Up And Over Garage Doors Are There?

This type of door is usually made from Aluminium, this may be reinforced with a ridge surround or an internal fin type construction. Because of it’s in built stability, it doesn’t bend or flex and this type of door is light and easy to lift.

There are two types of up and over door. The cheaper canopy type door and the more expensive retractable up and over type door. The difference being then is, the retractable type door does not project outwards beyond the garage front when being opened, thus saving even more space.

What Are The Main Advantages Of An Up And Over Garage Door?

Price would be the main advantage I would say. Unlike wood, this type of door doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and apart from the occasional part that may need replacing, these doors are pretty tough and long lasting.

They can take quite a lot of wear and tear and are a good option for a standard size garage. The only real disadvantages would be the somewhat “jerky” opening and closing motion, and the outward projection of t

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